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Established In Sudan 1999


Massaie is fully committed to food safety system in order to provide safe products to all her clients and customers. An effective food safety practices where designed and put in place to reflect on overall out puts of Massaie policy is compatible to local laws and regulations. The history of this business started in the year 1999 with agricultural product in Gedaref state in Eastern of Sudan.

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Massaie's History

In Sudan there is a number of different species of Acacia. The history of this business started by the father of Massaie’s CEO in 1938 as an agricultural family business in Gedaref state, eastern of Sudan. The founder’s efforts were concentrated to acquire agencies and service them by distributing their products. In 1986, we began as a small enterprise named GGL (Gedaref General List) Enterprise. In 1999 another major restructure of the company took place and Massaie Investment Co. Ltd was established as an export and import company. In a very short time it managed to achieve success and respect in global market in more than 13 countries by selling high quality agricultural products. Massaie, mainly deals in sesame seeds, Gum Arabic, dried hibiscus, senna pods, and dari seeds (sorghum). The business has expanded its fields after the full restructure, which led to more diversity in agricultural manufacturing and acquiring new agencies. In 2009 a decision to restructure again into specialized individual companies rather than departments of the same company. Each company is to focus on the core of its business.

Massaie's Food Safety Policy

Hibiscus (Hibiscus Sabdariffa) is grown in most tropical areas around the world. It’s found in Sudan, Thailand, China, and other various smaller producing nations. We offer not only just the product but also trust. Hygiene and food safety has been and remains our top priority. Massaie is fully committed to a food safety system in order to provide safe products to all its clients and customers. An effective food safety practices were designed and carried out thoroughly whilst conforming to local laws and regulations. All individuals responsible of carrying out this policy are committed to document all related actions to help carry out this work in sufficient and easy way. The scope of this policy covers all practices starting from purchasing, transportation, cleaning, sorting, and processing. Communication in Massaie at all levels of production is an essential factor to achieve our goals as well as communicating with our clients and customers to assure that they are satisfied of our products and performance. Massaie food safety policy is reviewed constantly for ongoing improvements and to meet customer satisfaction.

Massaie's Memberships

Sesame (Sesame Indicum L) is one of the oldest cultiva plants. It’s largely consumed as food in Africa and Asia, and in Europe it’s a source of oil. The largest producers are India, Sudan, and Ethiopia. Massaie has been serving many satisfied clients in major countries with the highest quality of sesame seeds. We are devoted to offer flexible shipment schedules to the best f your needs. We offer not just the product but also trust. Hygiene and quality control has been and remain our priority. Our customers are mainly sweets and food manufacturers whom require high lass sesame seeds. In KSA: Tema, Saleh Trading, Halawanie. In UAE: Sidawie, Muna Factory. In Lebanon: Sea Island (off shore), Curtas, Battar. In Turkey: Ea Dis Tegret. In Netherlands: ARASCO Food BV.

Massaie factory

Massaie factory


the following:

  • Kibbled hashab gum in different sizes
  • 50 Subdomains
  • Talha gum in different sizese
  • Gum arabic mechanical powder
  • Priority Support




  • Humidity
  • Optical Rotation
  • Total Ash
  • pH
  • Viscosity
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